Special Occasion Hairstyles And Decoration With Pictures

Many people make the mistake of changing their hairstyle for a special occasion so drastically that their family and friends hardly recognize them ā€” that’s fine if the new style is an improvement, but often it’s done with no forethought as to whether it suits them or not. It is vital to try out the transformation you have in mind before the actual moment of wearing it.

Effects can often be achieved for an occasion or a photograph that wouldn’t be possible on a daily basis, e.g., hair that’s too short to ‘go up’ can be coaxed over padding or have a piece added, but it is costly, as it takes time and expertise. Equally, long hair can be made to look short; this is easier as it can be wrapped, plaited, twisted or folded away, giving the effect of a tiny head. And, the back is all-important.

Many styles totally unsuited to modern daily life still look wonderful with a wedding or ball dress, but only on those occasions; for that, a good hairdresser will want to know what kind of headdress, hat or veil is going to be worn, they will also want to know what jewellery, if any, is going to be worn and the design of the dress before suggesting a hairstyle.

Particularly for weddings, it is a good idea to have a complete dress rehearsal, if possible, as no one wants to be worried that their hair will fall down under the weight of an antique lace veil, or that the head-dress or decoration will not be secured firmly enough if there is a sudden gust of wind.


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