headbands, gentle cleanser

Professional Facial Procedure Step By Step

1. Put a headband or tie a scarf around your hairline to keep hair out of face and lotions out of hair.

2. Apply a gentle cleanser with a cotton wool pad. To do this the professional way, use motions that ‘cut across’ skin lines and wrinkles. Use up and down strokes on the forehead, horizontal movements above lips and on the chin, and for the eye area, a motion that starts at cheek comes towards the nose and up across brows. These movements help to discourage more wrinkles and should be used both when applying and when removing skin-care products.

3. Tissue off the cleanser, making sure to use the motions described.

tissue, toner

4. Apply a toner to remove last traces of cleanser and tighten pores slightly. You are now ready for a mask.

moisturizer, rinse, cotton wool pads, mask

5. (opposite) Put on a light moisturizer, dotting it on the forehead, cheeks, and chin, then blending it in with fingertips. Again use the motions described.

6. Rinse skin with clear lukewarm water then applies the mask. Leave on for the prescribed time and relax.

7. To make the most of your rest, apply cotton wool pads soaked in skin tonic to your eyes for a soothing, cool feeling.

8. Remove mask and blot—do not rub face with a towel. Finish off with a thin film of moisturizer.