A To Z Professional MakeUp Tools And Accessories Products

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A To Z Makeup Tools And Accessories


Brushes that come with lip gloss, compacts of lipstick, powder blushes, powder eyeshadow; sponge-tipped sticks that come with powder or cream eyeshadows; spiral brushes that come with wand types of mascara; or tiny spatulas provided with the foundation are all applicators. Your fingers are natural applicators.


Also called foundation and sometimes ‘make-up’, this is tinted solid cream, liquid or gel designed to even out the skin tone, smooth the surface and provide a background for lip, eye, and cheek colors.

Bleaching Cream

This lightens hair and is very useful for small patches of unwanted facial hair around lips etc.; if hair is very thick, dark or course, electrolysis is the best answer.


The blusher is the modern term for a rogue; it comes in cream form, stick or pencil, gel, and powder. The creams, sticks, and pencils are applied before powder; the gel is best used without powder, as it’s meant to give a transparent shine; the powder form is brushed on after face powder.


Two or three brushes in different sizes, once you’ve mastered the art of using them, will help you give a professional touch to your make-up. They give cleaner lines, blend colors better. Paintbrushes from an art shop are fine; you can also buy sets of cosmetic brushes, usually with some sponge and comb applicators as well.


An oblong pad covered in chamois leather, a buffer is used with a buffing cream to bring a natural sheen to nails without the use of enamel.

Calamine Lotion

This is a tinted medicated liquid, very useful for soothing sunburn or itchy rashes or drying spots.


Tiny plastic combs are useful for separating eyelashes and smoothing eyebrows into line.


This is an essential part of the make-up. In stick or pencil or cream form, concealers come in various shades and are designed to cover discoloration or blemishes of any kind.

Cotton Buds

These are ideal for whisking away odd specks of colored powder or mascara and generally tidying up make-up.

Cuticle Cream

This is a nourishing cream massaged into the cuticles and bases of the nail, to feed the nail where it grows and to keep the cuticles soft and separate from the nail.

Emery Boards

These are long spatulas covered in sandpaper — medium-grained on one side, fine on the other — for filing finger and toenails.

Eyelash Curlers

These are a scissors-like device for curling short or thin lashes. They should be used before mascara. A bit of practice is required: give just a gentle squeeze, which is enough to lift the lashes; be sure and open the scissors before taking the curlers off the lashes or you will pull them out, and don’t re-curl after applying mascara — the mascara will stick to the curlers and pull out the lashes.

Eye Makeup

Any color that you apply around your eyes counts as eye make-up: eyeshadows which come in cream, stick, liquid, gel or powder form; pencils, including Kohl formulas for lining the rims; eyeliner; eyebrow pencils; mascara.

Eye Makeup Remover

This is a cleaner specifically designed to remove eye makeup efficiently. The eye and surrounding area are very sensitive and it is important that all makeup is thoroughly removed.

Fading Cream

This is a product designed to fade freckles and brown spots.

False Eyelashes

These can be bought in pairs (in various lengths and colors) or in long strips, from which you can take just one or two lashes and apply them individually.

False Fingernails

These are sold in sets, one for each fingernail, in various lengths and shapes. There is also a process, best done professionally, of wrapping the tips to extend them or of adding an acrylic substance that hardens and is then filed into shape and painted. Either method is excellent for one or two broken nails, or for those who have problems getting their nails to grow at all.


This is merely another term for base or ‘make-up’.

Hand Cream

This is an essential lubricant to prevent the hands drying and aging prematurely. It should be used every time hands have been immersed in water and dried.


This is one of a girl’s most valuable make-up accessories. Shiny, pearlized, iridescent, full of gold or silver — whether they are liquid, powder or cream, they bring life to the face when applied with care on places such as browbones and cheekbones.


This is a powder used by Ancient Egyptians and Greeks not only for painting lines around eyes but also for darkening eyebrows and lashes. North African kohl is still a powder applied to the inner rims of the eyes with a rod. The Indian equivalent is a cream called kajal. Modern cosmetic products called kohl are usually in pencil form, in many colors and meant for coloring the inner rims of the eyes.

Lip Barrier

This is an emollient stick, often containing sunscreen, used to moisturize and prevent lips chapping.

Lip Colour

Lipsticks, lip pencils, and lip gloss are all kinds of lip color. All three add color, lipsticks usually matte or frosted, lip pencils helping the drawing of a clean outline and lip gloss adding shine, transparent or tinted.

Makeup Remover and Cleanser

It is vital to the continuing good condition of your skin that makeup is removed thoroughly; these items, with a special version for eye makeup, are essential.


This is color, found either in cake form, which is applied to the lashes with a brush and water or in a creamy wand with its own applicator. The creamy varieties sometimes contain filaments which adhere to the lashes, making them appear thicker. All mascaras should make lashes look darker, thicker and more luxuriant; to achieve this, it is much better to apply several coats, separating the lashes carefully between each coat so they don’t get clogged.


Many people find a large hand mirror with a magnifier one side enormously helpful, particularly for plucking eyebrows and applying eye makeup. In any case, a large mirror surrounded by good even light is essential if your make-up isn’t going to look uneven.

Nail Pencil

This is a pencil filled with white which cleans the tips of the nails and makes them look much brighter when a colored polish isn’t being worn.

Nail Polish

Also called varnish or enamel, nail polish is found in every color of the rainbow from transparent to blood red, purple and black. It is best applied in several thin coats and allowed to dry completely in between.

Orange Sticks

These are used for gently pushing back cuticles and helping cuticle cream to penetrate underneath — a good trick is to round the edge with a penknife to soften it. They are helpful too in cleaning up smudges of polish when you’ve finished your manicure or pedicure.

Pencil Sharpeners

Now that so many eyes, cheek, and lip colors come in pencil form (from slim to chunky), it’s vital to have them sharp at all times to make sure the wood doesn’t snag the skin. So, keep sharpeners of the right size in your make-up bag — and clean the blade with surgical spirit.


Face powder comes in many tints but is most popular now in a colorless translucent form, used to ‘set’ make-up not to add color. Keep loose powder on the dressing-table and carry a compact of pressed powder around with you.


These are used for applying cream or stick foundation — they should be dampened first. Tiny sponge-tipped applicators for eyeshadow are also useful.


These are essential for keeping eyebrows tidy. Only pluck from below and be careful not to take out too many hairs at once — eyebrows add a great deal of character to the face and it’s easy to overdo it.


This is used in medicated lip ointments.