MakeUp Basics: How To Apply Foundation Concealer And Powder

makeup basics

MakeUp Basics – Beginner’s Guide

When you are about to make up your face, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Make-up can be natural or dramatic, light or heavy, can enhance your natural features or act as a mask or disguise. So, before you begin, you must decide which effect you are after. However extreme you want the finished look to be, the trick is to use a light hand — always start gently and build up the color, shade, and shape. It’s much easier to add than take away, and less time-consuming — at least until you’ve become adept at handling the pencils, palettes, powders, creams, and brushes that are part of the modern cosmetic kit.

For a dramatic effect like that in the picture, you must use a foundation that gives good coverage in order to blank out your personality — probably much heavier than normal and possibly a much lighter or darker shade than you usually wear — before starting to bring back your features, shading and shaping where needed, and adding colour. You will need lots of loose translucent powder to set this foundation — dust it on lavishly and brush away the excess. Then start to work on your eyes, first drawing the outline of the final shape you want with a pencil and then softening it by blending into the surrounding area, filling in with powder or cream color, adding highlight and mascara at the end and curling the lashes. Lips must be outlined with a pencil, filled in with color and then blotted — for a longer-lasting effect, another dusting of powder at this stage will help; then apply another coat of color or gloss.

Now, stand away from the mirror and judge your handiwork from a distance.

apply foundation concealer