Color Coordinated Outfits Guide – What To Wear With What?

color coordinated outfits

How to color coordinated outfits?

There are dozens of choices in terms of the colors you like to wear and the colors you put on your face. And the little thing that can make the most excitement and change in your looks is a new makeup color — a new blusher, lipstick, eyeshadow or whatever. It doesn’t mean you need a new makeup color for every piece of clothing, but it does mean choosing your makeup within the spectrum of colors that suit your hair and skin tone and the colors you choose to wear so that the overall effect is in harmony from top to toe. Each color you choose to wear or put on your face should enhance the others and flatter your skin, hair, and eyes. Sometimes it’s fun to keep eyes, lips, and cheeks the same color as the dress you ‘re wearing — pink, for instance — but this needs the expert application to be really effective.

White, cream, beige, brown, gray, black — these are the neutral colors which suit almost everyone; makeup should then be in clear colors to flatter hair and skin. At night, gold and silver highlight is very effective with frosted lipsticks and cheek colors.

Yellow, orange, tan — these are sometimes difficult to wear as they are inclined to reflect on to the skin and give a shallow impression. They are good with a tan and redheads to look wonderful in these colors — others are often wise to put white, cream, beige or gray between them and their face. Peach or tawny blushes work best, with peach, coral, vermilion, Sienna, and rust for lips. On eyes try moss green, bronze, golden or smoky browns — brown mascara is softer than black — and highlight in gold.

Green — from pale almond to forest, this is the natural color for redheads but good on blondes and brunettes too, particularly anyone with hazel or green eyes. Green can make pale skins look paler, so it might be a good idea to use a warmer shade of foundation and make sure your blusher is in the apricot to the tawny group. Try Bois de rose, crimson, light red or russet lipstick and shade eyes with apricot and teal green, smoky greens, copper or try mauve with clear green kohl lining the inner rim.

Blue — from the sky through violet to navy and purple, this is probably the most popular color in the rainbow; some form suits almost everyone. Like green it can make pale skins look paler, so check your foundation shade. Russet or rose pink blusher looks pretty; for lips try all the pinks from pastel peach to shocking and magenta and true red. Don’t try for a perfect match on your eyes, but keep them in the same family — the smoky blues and violets are more flattering than the light chalky shades — or try apricot, copper and brown.

Red — this cheers anyone up; a touch is often enough and could just be your lipstick. With bright red lips, keep eyes neutral charcoal is great and bronze is interesting with red if lips are pale and glossy.

Pink — this ranges from rose to fuchsia, crimson and wine. Light clear pinks are among the most flattering colors to wear, but when you get into the crimson and wine shades, be sure your makeup doesn’t appear muddy. Choose clear bright lipsticks in the same family and pink cheeks; try gray, smoky blue, plum or orchid pink on the eyes and pink highlighter.